You know that when a potential client considers you and your law firm at some point he will look at your website bio and make critical judgments. When he does will he come away feeling you are a lawyer he can trust to handle his matter? Will he have a sense of who you are and what working with you will be like?

A couple of years ago, I wrote being remarkable in the context of your Website Bio. I said that firms who lead in this era will, among other things, have videos of their lawyers on their website bios. Those firms will also be actively blogging, doing webinars and podcasts, using social media tools to spread their remarkable ideas and content.

On Tuesday I interviewed Christy Crider, a shareholder in Baker Donelson’s Nashville office for a podcast on what has worked for her. Christy is chair of the firm’s Long Term Care industry team. When I went to Christy’s bio I discovered a great video of Christy talking about her firm’s long term care practice. If you take a look you will see it was professionally done and creates a positive image. A potential client watching will get a sense of Christy and her team. The video is a step in building a more personal relationship. It is far more effective than trying to create that relationship with just words.
What can you put on your website bio that will add value for your potential clients and differentiate you from other lawyers?