Yesterday, I celebrated a birthday. As many friends know I refer to my years by the numbers worn by my favorite football players. Using that approach as I went through decades, my age changed from the number worn by quaterbacks, to halfbacks, to centers and middle linebackers. This decade, I am progressing through the numbers worn by offensive guards.

I remember when I was Billy Cannon’s number 20 (for you younger folks, he was the 1959 Heisman Trophy winner). That was a great year in college. When I was Gayle Sayers’ number 40, I enjoyed a great year in Roanoke, Virginia

But, the best years came when I reached the numbers worn by centers and linebackers. By the time I reached Dick Butkus’ number 51, my practice had taken off. Because I had a team of very talented young lawyers, I came close to doubling my book of business that year. 

Yesterday I went from Fuzzy Thurston’s number 63 to Jerry Kramer’s number 64. Since I now spend my time coaching lawyers, bear with me and take 38 seconds to listen to Jerry Kramer talk about what Vince Lombardi taught the Packer players. 

By now I am certain you have figured out what this has to do with you. If you want to build your practice beyond the work you can do yourself, you must switch from being a halfback looking to score yourself to a lineman looking to help your younger lawyers score. When you help those lawyers develop their own business, your clients will have as much confidence in them as they have in you.