Do you have a plan to expand relationships with existing clients? Going back a long time, lawyers and law firms have called existing clients the “low hanging fruit.” So, do you have any “low-hanging fruit plan?”

Years ago Seth Godin posted a blog titled: The magic of low-hanging fruit.It is worth reading again now several years later.

I have done many presentations for law firms at their retreats on Expanding Relationships with Existing Clients.  You can check out one of my retreat presentations: Cross-Serving. In that presentation, I share that the starting point of doing it effectively is to know your clients. In 2013 it is easier than ever before using the internet. But, it is also more important than ever before to get up from your desk and go visit your clients-on your nickel.

I tried to visit my clients offices or construction projects regularly. I wanted to always be in the loop and also be at the top of their mind if a problem occurred. I believe my clients appreciated my visits and so will yours.