Over the last month I have focused on the importance of being or creating something remarkable. We need this because we want clients, prospective clients, and people who can refer business to us to become evangelists for us. In the past it was easier to be remarkable. There were fewer lawyers and most businesses were owned locally. There were no firm websites, no email, and clients were not inundated with lawyers trying to get their business. Lawyers developed business by doing good work, being active in their community, and obtaining an AV Martindale Hubbell rating. 
Today it is far more difficult. The number of lawyers has mushroomed, law firms are bigger, clients have consolidated and moved, and clients are challenged to see differences between one lawyer or law firm and another. Over many years, I have encouraged lawyers I coach to focus on what makes them unique and what they can create that clients will find uniquely valuable. I owe my client development success to creating booklets, workshops and other materials that clients, potential clients, and people who referred business found to be remarkable. 
Christy is a young partner from Nashville I am coaching. She is married, has two children, and already brings in a significant amount of business. Christy actually helped me develop part of the story in my new book Rising Star. I am confident Christy will be even more successful as she goes forward. Why do I believe that? First, Christy has a burning desire to be the best long term health care litigator in the country. She works at it each and every day. Second, she focuses on her life priorities which are her family, church, and career. Third, she uses her time more wisely than just about any lawyer I know. Finally, as successful as she is, she is still open to coaching and has applied things we have talked about and experienced success as a result. 
There is something else that makes Christy unique and special. She sings gospel music with a Nashville sound that blows me away. If you want to hear the star I am coaching, click on the website for her church that is below. Then, click on November 19, Gospelaires. Even if you are not a fan of country music, I think you will see that not only can Christy sing country gospel, but she also lights up the room when she comes in.