I recently read that the greatest concern law firm leaders have in 2019 is a future recession. The economy has been good for lawyers and law firms for some time. But, eventually there will be a recession. Hopefully it will not be as bad as 2008.

Are you prepared?


I frequently wonder why so few lawyers I meet have a burning desire to develop business and have their own clients. Having clients is the key to a successful legal career.

After the last recession, I read a blog post that may have provided one possible reason. Take a look at Living a Life of Adventure by Randy Gage. He says:

For most of us, we don’t make meaningful change until we face meaningful adversity. Almost every success story I know started out when the person faced down a great challenge.  Because challenges are the impetus that causes us to finally change.

You are not facing meaningful adversity yet, but it will come some day. What can I do to convince you to change and focus on developing your own clients and book of business before adversity forces you to do it?