A friend sent me a link to a Forbes article titled: The Rumors About Bill Clinton Are True. When I got the email my initial thought was: Which rumors? I suspect the writer, Shah Gilani chose that title to get the same reaction and interest from other readers.

By Roger H. Goun via Wikimedia Commons

I clicked on the link and discovered the article was about President Clinton’s amazing ability to connect with people he will only see one time. As Gilani noted:

When someone you don’t know, that you’ll never meet again, who is just going to shake your hand and sign a book for you and say thank you before turning to the next person in line actually engages you with a genuineness that is as surprising as it is disarming, you realize that person is different.

When Gilani asked President Clinton if he could ask a question, President Clinton replied: “Yes, of course.” Gilani recounts what happened after President Clinton heard the question:

He looked at me and with as much sincerity as I’ve ever encountered, he said, “I’m glad you asked me that, that’s a great question.”

Clients want to hire lawyers who engage them with genuineness and sincerity. It is part of what my first mentor shared with me. I have written about it before:

Clients want to hire lawyers who have “confidence inspiring personalities.”

I believe President Clinton has a gift for connecting with people. But, I also believe that if you genuinely care about your clients and helping them, and you show your sincerity, you can develop that same gift. When was the last time you responded to a client: “I’m glad you asked me that, that’s a great question” and sincerely meant it?