Many lawyers do not realize the importance of their firm bio that appears on the firm webpage. That is certainly illustrated in the exchange of emails below between a practice group leader and an associate. 
Practice Group Leader: 
It appears that our system does not have a bio for you. If this is correct, please check into this and make arrangements for marketing to prepare one for you. 
Thanks. Practice Group Leader  
No, I don’t have one. Please have marketing draft one up.  
Thanks. Associate  
Practice Group Leader:  
It would be helpful for you to contact marketing since I cannot provide the necessary information.  
Practice Group Leader  
I am swamped with billable work, so the bio will take a far rear backseat.  
Regards, Associate  
Practice Group Leader:  
I like to start the day with a little firm management and perhaps some humor if I can find it. I thought I would start early with this one since you seem to be a very busy young man. My email to you and a few others was sent as a courtesy in my role as Practice Group Leader of the XXX Group, a group to which you are administratively assigned. 
Your firm bio is one of the primary means by which others in the firm and outside the firm learn about your considerable talents and make decisions about referring work to you. It has proven to be very helpful to many of us
However, the decision to have one or not is yours and as they say: I have done all I need to because “I am not your mama”. So if you find the need to have a bio, do it yourself
Have a great day.