In 2020 client service may be more important than ever before. Based on my experiences with my clients and what I have read, here is a list of things I believe clients value:

  1. Putting the client’s interest first
  2. Responsiveness
  3. Team players
  4. Lawyers who listen
  5. Innovative thinking and solutions
  6. Anticipation of problems
  7. Stability of representation team

I have recently had two client relationship experiences I believe are worth sharing. In the first, I was the potential service provider and in the second I was the client. Tell me what you think of my response to each situation.

A couple of months ago I received a nice email from a marketing director.

Clients are unhappy with the service provided by their law firms. Surveys reveal that 75% of the Fortune 1000 general counsels would fire their current law firm and hire another if they thought any other firm would do better. What an opportunity.

Instead of trying to “sell” clients and potential clients, try this. When I

Yesterday I flew from Dallas to Denver. I scheduled the flight so I would have 90 minutes before my first coaching session.

Boing on runway
Boing on runway

When I took my seat on the plane, I told my seat mate I had not flown on many MD 80s lately because they are so

In law, we have ethical rules on how we many handle a client’s funds. Among many things those funds may not be co-mingled with the lawyer’s funds.

What would you think if you prepaid a third party for a vacation in December, 2014 and showed up last week only to find that the third party