I recently reviewed several law firm Web sites for their sections on client service. Almost without exception, law firms claimed to provide value to their clients, understand their clients’ needs, and deliver high-quality, cost-effective, and responsive services. If firms are actually following through with the commitments they make on their Web sites, clients should be very loyal. Evidence suggests that many firms are not putting their online words into offline action.

Every BTI Consulting Group study of corporate counsel at Fortune 1000 companies  shows that clients are largely dissatisfied with their outside law firms. Of the corporate counsel included in the study, 75.3 percent did not recommend their primary law firms to other companies. While they wouldn’t say their law firms are bad, they just don’t believe they’re very good. As one corporate
counsel put it, “They (the primary law firms) do just enough to enable us to barely tolerate the service levels.”

Can you imagine the opportunities that would come your way if you provided your clients service that was better than barely tolerated. When was the last time you got a group together in your firm to brainstorm ways to provide better service? More on client service in my next post.