My original title for this post was “Renting Bella Casa in San Miguel de Allende.” I decided that title might not attract lawyers who want to learn more about client development and client service.

I do want you to learn a little about San Miguel de Allende and the wonderful house Nancy and I rented from a Michigan lawyer, Charles Soberman. Then, you will learn from the way Charles and Linda Soberman made our experience seamless, what true client service and adding value means.

Last Monday I had coffee with a former partner of mine. He told me he was going back to his second home in San Miguel de Allende the next day. I have always wanted to visit there, in part because the weather is so moderate and in part because we can get there in only a few hours on American Airlines. San Miguel de Allende was also voted number 4 in Travel and Leisure’s 2010 Top 10 Cities in the World.

So, Monday I went on the internet and found Bella Casa on VRBO. (If you are interested in visiting San Miguel, go to the link and check out Bella Casa. It is a wonderful place.) I saw that it was unoccupied for 4th of July weekend and sent an email to see if it was still available. 

San Miguel House.png

I went to lunch and when I returned I had a message from Charles Soberman. He had taken time to find me and call me. He offered to rent us Bella Casa at a very reasonable price, and after checking with my boss (Nancy), we accepted. Here is what Charles did after that:

  • San Miguel Mari.pngArranged for our transportation from the airport and back with Pascual
  • Contacted Mari, the housekeeper and had her waiting for us when we arrived
  • Sent us a detailed list of things to do to prepare for our trip
  • Sent us a list of what to do when we depart Bella Casa
  • Sent us a list of his and Linda’s favorite restaurants
  • On our first evening at Bella Casa, Charles called to see if everything was all right and if we needed any additional help

Bella Casa is spacious and really, really nice. But, part of what makes the experience unique is that Charles and Linda have anticipated questions and potential problems renters might experience and offered a solution before the renters have asked a question. Charles and Linda even write a blog called San Miguel News.

So, what is the lesson for you? The best lawyers I know anticipate problems or questions clients might have and offer solutions before the clients ask the questions. Nancy and I experienced what that feels like when we rented Bella Casa. You can do it successfully when you see the world through your clients’ eyes and then anticipate what they need. 

P.S. When we left San Miguel the temperature was about 65 degrees. When we stepped out of DFW airport the temperature was 104. It is easy to see why so many Texans have purchased second homes or choose to visit San Miguel de Allende in the summer.