If someone asked your clients about the quality of your law firm’s service, what would they say if they knew it would not get back to you? Some might say it is “ok,” but that is code for not very good. Some might say your law firm’s client service is “unforgettable,” like the song made famous by Nat King Cole.  So, the question is will they say your law firm’s client service is unforgettably good, just ok, or unforgettably bad?

Let me illustrate by telling you of my own experience. As I have gotten older, all of my old injuries, stress from running, lifting weights that were too heavy etc., have caught up with me. In the last 10 years I have visited several Orthopedic surgeons and had  arthroscopic knee surgery on both knees, hand surgery, and a hip replacement.

I would say the service at my first doctor’s office was “ok.” The service at my second doctor’s office was unforgettably bad. It was so bad I told my physical therapist after my hip surgery that he should have a heart to heart talk with the doctor’s chief assistant. So far, the service by my third doctor’s office has been unforgettably good.

Last year my knees started hurting again. After an MRI, I was scheduled to have surgery in January. Even though I thought the service at his office was unforgettably bad, I scheduled the surgery with the doctor who had replaced my hip.

In December I read several articles about a study. See: Common knee surgery ineffective in study and Procedure to repair a torn meniscus worked no better than a fake one to ease lingering pain. I decided not to have the surgery and notified the surgeon’s office to cancel.

Recently my knees have hurt more than ever before, even more than before the first surgeries. So,  I called the Orthopedic surgeon’s office to re-schedule the surgery on my right knee. I was told he no longer takes my insurance, but his brand new partner does. ( I thought that was akin to a partner in a law firm telling her long time client that she would no longer help that client, but a first year associate in the firm could litigate the client’s case.)

I called the surgeon’s office who had done both of my previous knee surgeries and found out he also no longer was on the list for my insurance. (I wondered if I had Obama Care to thank for that or was it just the fact I was on Medicare.)

I then went searching on the internet for orthopedic surgeons near my home. That is not the way I would normally find a doctor to perform surgery, but, I was surprised to find a site that was the equivalent of Trip Advisor, only for Orthopedic Surgeons. If you look at the site, you will see that one surgeon was “featured.” I wondered if that was like some of the lawyer ratings where the lawyer or firm pays to be featured.

In my search I found Plano Orthopedic Sports Medicine & Spine Center and made an appointment. I called both of my previous surgeons asking them to send my records to my new doctor’s office. My knee doctor’s assistant both called and emailed me to say she had sent my records and to wish me well. In spite of asking for a confirmation that the records had been sent, I never heard back from the office of the doctor who was supposed to do the surgery in January.

On the day of my appointment, I called the surgeon’s office again.  The receptionist asked if I had called Plano Orthopedics to see if they had received them. I thought that was an odd question to ask and told her so. When I said this was the third time I had requested the records be transferred she said she would fax them.

When I arrived for my appointment, I was immediately impressed with how differently I was treated by the staff. The receptionist was very helpful. The first person who escorted me to the examining room introduced himself and called me by name. The young man who escorted me to X-Ray introduced himself, called me by name and asked if I had enjoyed my 4th of July weekend. The X-Ray technician introduced herself, called me by name and helped me through the procedure. Another assistant came by, introduced himself and asked where the most recent MRI had been done on my knee. When I told him, he said he would get it from them.

Dr. McGarry was very helpful. He explained things to me that had never been explained before. He said he had received all the records from my knee doctor, but had not received the MRI from my hip doctor. He thought another steroid shot and therapy was a good place for us to start. For whatever reason his shot was not nearly as painful as the one I had previously.

What’s the point? I have great confidence in my new doctor and his staff. Right from the beginning I was treated differently. The doctor and staff are very professional, helpful and kind. I am telling you about it and I will certainly tell anyone who asks about orthopedic surgeons.

What impression is your receptionist making on new clients? What impression are your trusty assistants making? What impression are you making? If you, your law firm and its professional staff make a strong, positive impression on new clients, you will far exceed the impression made by most law firms. That is unforgettably good.

Are your clients saying your client service is unforgettably good? Want more? Take a look at my eBook on Client Service.