I read a recent blog post by Seth Godin titled: The theater of the mind. Like most of his blog posts, he makes a point that is very important for lawyers.

The most effective marketing story isn’t the one you tell to someone in your audience, it’s the one the person tells himself.

It reminded me of what a lawyer I coach told me he wanted his clients to tell themselves and tell him: 

My lawyer is very busy, but he always has time for me.

I liked that a lot. Clients want to engage lawyers who are busy, because that means they must be outstanding lawyers. Yet, a client does not want a lawyer who is not responsive or does not timely get to and complete the client’s matter.

I always wanted my clients to say:

I trust your judgment.

Think about what that means. When I heard it, I knew the client had confidence in me to solve a major problem for them.

Another phrase I enjoyed hearing was:

Thank you, we couldn’t have done it without you.

This is why I decided to practice law. I wanted to make a difference.

And still another:

You went the extra mile for us.

What would you like your clients to say about you? What are you doing to earn their compliment?