1. Be purposeful looking for “First to Market” opportunities. If you read the Wall Street Journal today, look at business articles to figure out how what is going on in the world will have future legal impacts on your clients.
  2. Focus on how services can be delivered more efficiently and effectively.
  3. Train your younger lawyers not only on law; but also on client relations, law as a business, client development and career building.
  4. Help each lawyer prepare a written plan and establish goals. Help each Practice Group/Department and Office prepare a strategic plan and establish goals. Borrowing from a David Maister idea, in each case make the goals both financial statement (short term) goals and balance sheet (long term) goals.
  5. Ask each Practice Group Leader/ Department Chair and Office Managing Partner: What is your Practice Group/Department/Office doing to improve your level of client satisfaction? What are you doing to develop, inspire and energize the members of your Practice Group/Department or Office?”
  6. Measure and reward your partners on their client service and satisfaction  and measure and reward your associates on their  career development.
  7. Conduct roundtable discussions with willing clients to see what they value.

I have shared my  Construction Law PG Strategic Plan and my  Targeted Differentiators with you before. Take a look again for some ideas you might use with your group.

When I practiced law, I liked to say: “Just suppose we…” I always was energized by what we could become as a firm or practice group. How would you finish that sentence for your law firm or your practice group?