I love being around successful people. In 2009, I participated in a dinner and then full day program with the most successful lawyers in a 500-lawyer firm. During the day, several lawyers were asked to share: “What works for you?” 

Client Lunch Istock.jpgWhen I was a young lawyer, I learned about client relationship building by tagging along with successful lawyers in my firm. I know that billable hour pressures make learning by shadowing less likely today.

Your firm’s successful lawyers have experience developing and strengthening relationships with clients. How are you capturing those best practices?

Consider establishing categories of “best practices” and encourage your lawyers to contribute examples of their “best practices”. Also consider including a breakout session, like the one I attended, to identify and brainstorm “best practices” in client service and client relations during your annual retreats. Then, make sure the ideas are passed on to your younger lawyers. They are eager to learn.