Have you asked your clients for feedback? I suspect many large firms have asked and others should be asking. I do not believe you can get the feedback you need by written surveys. When I was practicing law, I far preferred to meet with clients in person. So did they.

I have some idea what clients say based on my experience with client interviews in my old firm. Here is what I think most would say:

We are happy with your senior partners’ work, but we want more.  We want more cost-effective service, and we want to work with the same, reliable group of lawyers day after day.  We are not satisfied with the quality of work done by your junior lawyers, the hours they record and their billing rates. (See First-Year Associates: Are They Worth It?) Also, as soon as one of your junior lawyers knows enough about our industry, our company and our business, he or she leaves the firm.

In a nutshell we want and expect you to train your junior lawyers and keep the talented ones after they are trained. Then we expect you to delegate appropriate work so we can get our work done more economically. Finally, we expect your junior lawyers to be efficient when they work on our matters.

What are your clients telling you they want? How are you responding?