Yesterday, I was a panel speaker for a law firm’s program on client service. This opportunity made me think about the scoreboard and the basket. Is your firm focused on the scoreboard (profits per partner)? Or, is your firm focused on the basket (recruiting and developing the best lawyers, determining client needs and providing extraordinary service)? Scoreboard Basket.png

Most firms claim they are focused on the latter. Yet their actions reflect they are more focused on the former. My old law firm was a good example. We said we were a “client centered firm.” Yet, I never attended a meeting where our “client centeredness”  or client service was mentioned. Our firm was focused on:

  • Growth: (Our firm was on the cover of The National Law Journal because we were the fastest growing firm in the United States).
  • Profits Per Partner: This focus was not related to any strategic imperative other than moving up in the AMLAW 100.
  • Rates and Hours: After all, those two things play a large part in producing profits per partner.
What is your firm focused on?