Every firm claims to have core values. I wonder how many firms really live what they claim to be those values? It made me think about the core values I would have liked in a firm. Here is my list:

  • We will strive to exceed our clients’ expectations;
  • We will require and reward excellence, teamwork and strong client relationships;
  • We will develop and utilize extraordinary leadership and management systems and skills;
  • We will maintain an environment that requires integrity and teamwork and encourages creativity, a spirit pf excitement, personal growth and health;
  • We will maintain strategic and organizational flexibility to meet the challenges associated with the changing competitive landscape;
  • We will be strategically located, enhance changing technology, and grow through the addition of talented professionals; and
  • We will promote diversity in our lawyers and staff.

Why would a firm with these values appeal to me?

  1. I like the focus on exceeding client expectations;
  2. I want to be in a firm that rewards teamwork (my old firm didn’t);
  3. I am not sure I would know it when I see it, but being with a firm that has extraordinary leadership would be exciting;
  4. I love the idea of being with a group of lawyers who are creative and have a spirit of excitement;
  5. I want to be in a firm that is flexible because the world is changing rapidly and a law firm has to be able to change with it;
  6. Location, technology and hiring talented lawyers are positive ways to grow and become more valuable to clients; and
  7. I am a big believer in diversity. I learn from people who are not just like me.

This is a list of values created by a committee in a real law firm. I wonder if the firm just talked the talk or hopefully actually walked the walk.