I recently came across a blog post 12 Reasons To Podcast by Donna Papacosta. It made me think of best reasons why lawyers should be podcasting. Here are my top  reasons why you should be podcasting:

  1. It is one way for you to show you are an expert.
  2. You will work harder to become an expert.
  3. You will become a better speaker.
  4. It will force you to think about topics your target market wants to know.
  5. You will be able to reach potential clients who don’t know what you know.
  6. You can interview clients and/or referral sources.
  7. You can repurpose content you created for articles or blog posts.
  8. Listeners can hear you at times they would be unable to read what you have written.
  9. It doesn’t take a lot of time.
  10. It doesn’t cost very much.
  11. Most importantly, when it is done well podcasting leads to new business.

After I began working with him, Patton Boggs partner, Kevin O’Neill created Capital Thinking Podcast which he posts each Monday. Kevin’s podcast has become so well received that he began a Thursday Capital Thinking  Internet Radio Show. I know Kevin would share with you that all 11 of my reasons for podcasting apply to his work.