A colleague recently asked me:

Why do lawyer who really want to change firms take so much time to complete the Lateral Partner Questionaire (LPQ)?

I responded it was because completing the firm is a tedious pain in the behind. I have seen forms that are too long and too intrusive. Thank God I never

I am into my 11th month as a legal recruiter. So, I can’t say I have lots of experience.

However, I may have even more valuable experience. I was heavily recruited for many years and my experience with legal recruiters was not very positive. Most, if not all legal recruiters did not do their homework,

It was 2003, and I was having a record year. Near the end of the year, two large international law firms with Dallas offices offered me far greater compensation than I was making at my firm.

The difference was significant enough that many lawyers would have jumped to one of the firms just based on