Recently I received an email from a firm that was proudly announcing the lawyers who had been promoted to equity partner. I had coached all but one of those lawyers.

When I coached those lawyers, I was struck by four things.

  1. They are passionate about their work and clients.
  2. They are very competitive, but they

I have written before about the importance of developing self confidence. I know from my own career because I faced fear and lack of confidence on more than one occasion.

Now, I have watched lawyers I coach experience a breakout success in client development when they accomplish something challenging and outside their comfort zone. Those

If you played a sport, or played an instrument, or ¬†created art while you were growing up, think back about your own experience “in the zone.” If you have ever done yoga, you were likely in the zone during class.

Professor Mihalyi Czikszentmihalyi (pronounced `Me-hi Chicksent-me-hiee’) introduced the concept of flow (in the zone) in

I have heard from several lawyers that I am a “motivational” speaker. A few years ago, the ABA Young Lawyers Division asked me to speak at their spring meeting. Specifically I was told that my task was to “motivate” the young lawyers attending the meeting. They chose the title of my presentation:


Many of you are like me in that you went to law school with the idea that as a lawyer you would be able to help people and make a difference in your community. Then you started your law practice with a firm and rarely have the feeling that you are actually helping people and

In my post yesterday, I shared that a carrot and stick approach with bonuses based on hours billed is not a great motivator. An associate wrote me and said she agreed, but also asked that I share with senior lawyers what actually does motivate associates and how to tap into it. As you will see