I have written several blog posts about how social media is changing client development for lawyers and law firms. Here is a list of my 12 social media benefits. Social Media:

  1. Is one tool to keep up with what is going on in your clients’ industry and business
  2. Is inexpensive
  3. Takes some of the luck out of you being recommended to potential clients
  4. Geometrically increases the number of your weak ties
  5. Levels the playing field for young lawyers and for smaller law firms
  6. Forces you to create valuable content before posting it
  7. Helps you improve your writing and communication skills
  8. Provides a way to get feedback on the content you post
  9. Gives you opportunities to lead
  10. Is an efficient and effective way to stay in touch with your weak ties
  11. Reduces or eliminates the need to send blast emails to people who don’t want them
  12. Makes the content you create available 24/7

As you may know, the ABA has under consideration the regulation of on line client development tools. They are asking for comments. Click here to learn more. Many marketing professionals, like Larry Bodine have expressed great concern over this. Larry issued a Red Alert: The ABA Wants to Regulate Lawyer On-Line Marketing. As Larry aptly points out, the on-line client development tools have leveled the playing field for small and medium sized firms. If the ABA regulates the use of the tools, "Big Law" will benefit. So, you should make your voice heard while there is a chance to do so.