A lawyer I coach recently asked:

I have a quick question for you: do you have any blog posts or other guidance on a suggested method for reaching out to people who are contacts of colleagues, but not very close (the kind they met at a conference once), to try to get a meeting or

I’ve been thinking a lot about it recently: How much of your career and mine is luck and how much is preparation?

I’m not sure I know the answer, so I want to tell you about three days that changed my career forever. I would love your thoughts. Was it luck or was it preparation…or,

Selling legal services is different than selling almost everything else. You don’t really “sell.” Instead you position yourself to be the lawyer selected when a potential client needs legal services.

Client Pitch

How can you be at the top of the list when a potential business client needs a lawyer or law firm?

Here are some questions

As you know, I love reading about what makes other businesses or people successful and then finding a way to apply the same principles to the legal profession.

Entrepreneurs have always fascinated me. I think it is their creativity. I believe you and I can learn a lot from them.

I recently read a HBR