In a nutshell, client development is about becoming visible and credible to your target market and then about building trust based relationships. If you want to start becoming more visible and credible and build relationships with clients focus on seven important points.

  1. Client development is all about serving and caring for your clients, not about

The election is finally over. I am surprised by the number of lawyers who are using social media sites to express their glee or despair over the results. I am sure they feel good sharing their opinions. In fact, I can tell that many have written their heart felt beliefs about the future of our

When I was a young lawyer, my first mentor gave me a great deal of advice about clients. Among the many things he told me:

  • Clients want to work with lawyers who have confidence inspiring personalities
  • Clients do not want lawyers to talk down to them  and tell them (before being asked) what they should

If you are a regular reader you likely recall that I have shared with you a dirty little secret about your business clients and what they don’t care about. The secret:

Your business clients do not care about you, your law firm, what you do and what your law firm does.

Sadly most lawyers and