Harvard Business Review

I can’t coach pessimists. I just can’t help someone who searches for a reason why he or she will not succeed. I love coaching optimists. Yet, at what point does an optimist have to also be a realist.

I was always optimistic. I believe I owe my success in part to my optimism.

During my

Would you agree that little girls are encouraged to dream big dreams and be ambitious, but when women grow up, at least some of them,  hate to even talking about ambition?

When I was a busy lawyer, I didn’t really think much about how men and women view ambition differently. But, since I’ve been coaching,  

I read a short article in the Harvard Business Review: What Makes an Effective Executive. It occurred to me that it also is what makes an effective lawyer and business developer. Here is the list.

  • They listen first and speak last
  • They ask: “What needs to be done?”
  • They develop action plans
  • They take