When I practiced law, I wanted the lawyers who worked with me to not be content. I wanted them to not think they had arrived. I wanted them to strive to become a better lawyer each day.

Now that I am recruiting lawyers for firms that I know and respect, I hope to find lawyers

This could be my last post, but…maybe not. I’ve been asked to consider doing legal lateral recruiting and law firm mergers. I’m giving it serious thought, so…who knows?

In my completed draft novel, my protagonist is striving for success. But, she has changed. Her father points out she has become less focused on the person

As I concluded a program on planning for New York associates a few years ago I asked for questions. One lawyer asked:

How do you define success?

I thought the question was outstanding. I told her I could not define success for her. She, and only she, can define what success means to her and

In my 38 years practicing law, and 11 years coaching lawyers, I’ve been around incredibly smart lawyers. You know that type of lawyer. They finished near the top of their law school class without even trying.

Years ago, my last law firm was hiring law students who were in the Top 10% of their class.

How big are your dreams for your career? I ask because I encounter many lawyers whose dreams are smaller than they could be. They are limiting their own success in the process.

I have always valued this quote, attributable here to Ray Kroc.

Press on. Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence.

I have never been content and I’ve always felt I had more I could learn.

I recently saw a short video clip of a younger Steve Jobs talking about life and striving to make a difference. Take a look.


As you may know, I’ve been working on a novel now for two years. I’m

Have you ever been on a roll, everything going your way, and then all of a sudden, you make a mistake? How do you “come back?” How do you get your self confidence back?

I had this happen more than one time while practicing law. I was reminded about the issue recently.

As you know,

Greetings today from Montreal. At 8:00 AM this morning, just a couple of hours from now I will be speaking to law firm associates. One thing I will tell them is to think bigger. In other words, visualize becoming more than they may think possible.

As I am thinking about this topic, I’m reminded of

I remember speaking to groups of associates in two law firms a few years ago. The topics generally covered the secret of being a successful lawyer and having a fulfilling and active family life.

When I was billing 2000 hours I did not have time to study or understand why some lawyers were successful and