As many of you know today is College Colors Day. When I got up this morning I faced the big decision: Do I wear Chicago maroon or burnt orange? Nancy and I will be heading to Blacksburg, Virginia to watch the Hokies play Georgia Tech Monday night.

If you watch the game on ESPN Monday night you will see that the Virginia Tech fans are wearing burnt orange. So, I decided to wear burnt orange (darker than the University of Texas or University of Tennessee orange or Clemson orange).

Every college with a football team thinks that their team’s entrance onto the field is the best in the country. Virginia Tech is no exception.The crowd goes crazy when they begin playing Enter Sandman. It is especially true when the Hokies are playing a night game on ESPN.

Last year, Enter Sandman was played before the last play at the end of the Miami game. Once again the fans really got into it.

You just have to be there.

So, wear your college colors today and support your team. If you watch Virginia Tech on Monday night look for me. I will be the old guy with white hair who is not jumping up and down during Enter Sandman.