A month ago I met with a group of lawyers I coach and we discussed “closing the sale.” If you are like me, you are uncomfortable asking for business.

It’s understandable because you and I fear how we will be perceived. We do not want to come across like the guy in the visual below. We also do not like being rejected. For those and other reasons,  you don’t ask for the business. You aren’t alone, I went through an entire career and never asked for business.

As you may know, I subscribed to Success Magazine. I found a very interesting article a few years ago: Let’s Make a Deal: Sales SuccessIf you are stuck on asking for business, I  think you will find it valuable.


So how do you ask for business?

First, change your mindset. Instead of thinking about what having the business will do for you and your firm, think about how you can help your potential client succeed or successfully deal with a problem. Try this: Next time you are at the point where you are thinking about asking for business, say:

I would love the opportunity to work with you and help you on this.

Before you are at that point consider saying:

What can I do to help you?