Do you give presentations? Do you also blog?

Have you ever considered creating a video preview of a presentation you are giving? Shawn Tuma is a Dallas lawyer I have coached. Today he is giving a breakfast presentation on Social Media Law. In his blog he points out that he received a great deal of help from someone close to him.

One of the ways he announced the presentation was to write a blog about it: Video Preview for Social Media Law: It Is Real and Yes, Can Really Impact Your Business. Writing a blog about an upcoming presentation is not too unusual, but Shawn went a step further. He included a video preview of the presentation in the blog. That was unique and innovative.

Shawn has been an excellent student. A year ago I wrote about a three hour coaching session I had with Shawn: Try This for 90 Days: I Know It Works. Shawn came into our session with lots of enthusiasm and effort, but little strategy and focus.

After our coaching session Shawn wrote his own blog about it. In the post he compared his efforts prior to the session to those of Clark Griswold in Christmas Vacation. He included the great video scene when Clark turns on the lighting and nothing works.

“He worked really hard, Grandma.”

“So do washing machines.”

Shawn is not only working really hard, he is now focused on getting the greatest return on his investment of time. He is also thinking outside the box on ways he can engage potential clients.

Next time you give a presentation, think about shooting a video preview and include it in your blog and link to it on LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media sites.