A young lawyer I coach shared with me that he was the responsible attorney and had day to day contact with representatives of a senior partner’s client. He asked how he might take advantage of the great relationships he had developed to get his own new clients.

I first suggested that he consider telling those client representatives that if they knew any other companies that would value working with a lawyer like him, he would be honored if they recommended him. He told me if that got back to the partner for whom he worked, the partner would be upset with him.

Then I told him he should try to be more like Bill Richardson, Jr. He looked at me with the: “Who in the world is Bill Richardson, Jr.” look and I shared this with him.

Bill Richardson, Jr. is my new hero. I want to be more like him. Bill is a Shoe Shine Specialist at the Philadelphia Ritz Carlton.

Bill has never shined my shoes. Yet, I see him every day when I leave by the side door. He greets me with a big smile. He is always happy and upbeat. He engages me in conversation. I watch him help guests in a variety of different ways. As I walk out the door, he always tells me to have a blessed day. I leave more upbeat about my day than before I saw him.

I have to confess, I would likely stay at the Philadelphia Ritz Carlton even if Bill was not there. I stay because of the quality of the hotel. Bill simply makes the experience far more enjoyable and uplifting.

What is the point for you? Clients will hire your senior partner and feel comfortable with you doing the work, because they trust you to handle their legal work. But, just as I have shared this story with you, clients will go out of their way to tell others about you if you are like Bill Richardson, Jr. Imagine one of those client representatives telling a friend in another company that you are not only a great lawyer, but you are also a good guy with whom to work.

The young lawyer and I left our meeting at the hotel and walked out the side door. As always, Bill greeted us with a big smile and asked how we were doing. After we left the hotel, the young lawyer told me he understood my point.

BTW, I bet you cross paths with someone like Bill Richardson, Jr. If you do, one of the greatest gifts you can give him or give her it to simply let them know you appreciate them and they make a difference. Thank you Bill Richardson, Jr, for reminding me that a true “shoe shine artist” does far more than simply give shoes a good shine.