Over my life, I have frequently been inspired by music, and simply quotes from successful people. A week or so ago, I saw a Success.com list: 17 Motivational Quotes to Inspire Successful Habits.

I shared it with a few lawyers I have coached and asked them to write a guest blog if they found a quote that resonated with them. Melissa Lyon, a Denver lawyer who has written several guest posts here found one that hit especially close to home for her.

The best way to stop a bad habit is to never begin it – by J.C. Penny

First, J.C. Penny’s real name was James Cash Penny and he was obviously the founder of The JC Penny Company that ended up expanding its stores nationwide – but what you likely do not know is that is that the chain traces its roots to my home state of Wyoming.

That’s right, he started the store in the late 1890s in a small town called Kemmerer, Wyoming, not far from my hometown.  Everyone where I am from knows the story and knows that is where J.C. Penny’s stores have their roots.

He may no longer be a local hero, but he is definitely still noteworthy as a self-made man who truly accomplished something for which we in Wyoming are proud.  If you don’t believe me, here is an article featured on wyohistory.org entitled James Cash Penny: From Clerk to Chain-store Tycoon.

Since coal fueled the opening of J.C. Penny’s and Wyoming is where it was born, obviously I was drawn to a quote from an entrepreneur who started his department store chain in the Cowboy state!

Second, I have one bad habit that I have been trying to kick for ages and I can never seem to truly stop it.  My friends all know I am not a morning person and I don’t wake up on my first alarm.  To be totally honest, I don’t even wake up on the second.

Heck, you could call me at 6 am and I could have a full blown conversation with you and be sweet as pie, and roll over and fall back asleep in one second like it never happened.  I love to sleep until the last possible second.  I love to push it until I will barely have enough time to get showered and ready for the day before I have to leave for work.

Interestingly, I really do not like to have to rush. Yet, I force myself to do it every morning – running around like a chicken with my head cut off because I have 23 minutes to be at the office.

You see, J.C. Penny was right.  I should have never began hitting the snooze button to start with.

Now that I have, I am in a deep love affair with my sleep from about 5:45 am to at least 7:24 am. But, like other people who strive to be better than they are, I am constantly working on it.

I have tried everything in the book to break this habit and so far, nothing has stuck.  Last weekend, I purchased one of those light alarm clocks (for an astronomical price) that simulates the sun rising and has birds chirping.  Here’s hoping it does the trick!

I’m a living example proving J.C. Penny was right on the money when he said, “The best way to stop a bad habit is to never begin it.”

P.S. Next time I post here for Cordell, I’ll let you know if the expensive alarm clock is working.

Thank you Melissa. Readers: If you read the Success quotes and find one you want to write about let me know.