It’s that time of year again. Law firm graduates will start their first year in law firms throughout the US. Over the years, I have given many presentations to first year lawyers during their orientation.

If you are a brand new lawyer, this one is for you. If you are a lawyer in a firm with first year lawyers, please share this with them.

In law school, students are taught to “think like a lawyer.” They are not taught:

  1. To think like a client
  2. How to practice law
  3. Law as a business
  4. How to attract clients
  5. What clients want
  6. How to retain and expand relationships with clients
  7. How to ask clients good questions
  8. How to work with senior lawyers and staff
  9. How to prepare legal documents
  10. How to present their position

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You may know that last October I gave a presentation to young lawyers in Boston. Check out the presentation slides: Brand Yourself: Starting Right for Career Success.