I am now recruiting highly motivated lawyers to join firms that I know will provide great opportunities to succeed. As you likely know, I coached lawyers in large, mid-sized and even small law firms across the United States and Canada. So, I have personal knowledge of many law firms.

If you want my help in finding the right firm for you, I want to get to know you. I want to have a strong sense of what you want to accomplish in your career, what are your unique talents and challenges, and what you are looking for in a new firm.

I have been asked if I am still coaching lawyers. I am, but only under limited circumstances, In 2020, here’s how my coaching program will work.

I will visit the firm office either quarterly (4 times during the year) or every other month (6 times during the year) and individually coach 5-6 lawyers plus offer a group program over lunch that anyone in the office can attend.

The cost for each lawyer in the coaching program is $700 plus travel expenses. If there are fewer six lawyers in the program the cost per session is a minimum of $4000. Depending on airline schedules the coaching and group session may take place over one full day, or an afternoon one day and morning the next ending with the lunch program.

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The key to making this program work is to select lawyers who are motivated to learn and try new things and be held accountable. The second key is to make sure law firm leaders support the effort.

In the first group session I will share with your lawyers how to create a business plan and in advance will provide a business plan template. At the end of each individual coaching session, I will help each of your lawyers prepare a 60 Days or 90 Days Action Plan. That is one important step to being accountable.

Want to learn more about my coaching program? Take a look at my Client Development Training and Coaching Program eBook and my Client Development Coaching Program Presentation Slides.

If your firm is interested, give me a call at (214) 663-3794.

I also have programs available for a limited number of individual lawyers. These programs are tailored to meet the individual lawyer’s needs and interests.