Be honest now, do you really love the law? Were you driven to become a lawyer because of the law?

I practiced law 35 plus years. I never loved the law the entire time. Yet, each day I practiced law I loved being a lawyer. I loved helping construction contractors deal with many difficult situations. I loved the opportunity to persuade a jury, a judge, a mediator, or even persuade a new client to hire me. I loved learning about how construction projects were designed and constructed. I loved learning about the construction business and construction people. Finally, I craved the feeling inside that I had really made a difference.
There were plenty of days when I did boring, tedious, or difficult things. I stood over many a copier on many a Saturday or Sunday making copies of our exhibits for a trial. I have gone through filing cabinets and even trailers of documents looking for what was relevant and helpful. I answered hundreds of boring interrogatories and other discovery requests. I did legal research the old fashioned way in a law library.
I never complained about doing these boring and tedious tasks because I looked at them as just being part of what I did as a lawyer. So, if you are like me and you don’t really love the law, focus on what you do love about being a lawyer. It will make your career way more fun.