I loved coaching senior associates. Why? Most of the associates I coached were eager to learn and open to coaching. Most of them are now rainmakers or firm leaders.

Some of you reading this today are among the most successful associates I coached. You stood out from the crowd and I could tell you were destined for success the first time we met.

I was recently asked what attributes the most successful associates I coached possessed. Here are attributes I shared.

  1. They were optimistic about their future
  2. They were patient, persistent and persevere
  3. They had a plan for their non-billable time and written goals
  4. They had started making client development a priority
  5. They sought to become more visible to their target market
  6. They sought feedback on their ideas and how they are doing
  7. They held themselves accountable
  8. They were happy with their personal lives because they focused on their priorities
  9. They ate healthy and regularly exercised
  10. Each and every day they worked hard to become a better lawyer