Do you have lifetime goals? At the age of 15, John Goddard (The Real Indiana Jones) listed 127 goals he wished to experience or achieve in his lifetime. In the linked article, Goddard is called “The Greatest Goal Achiever,” and rightly so.

After reading about Goddard’s lifetime goals many years ago, I decided to create my own list of lifetime goals. A few years later, I put my lifetime goals in four categories:

  • Physical/Economic
  • Mental/Learning
  • Emotional/Relationships
  • Spiritual/Values

I shared my lifetime goals with lawyers I  coached and I will share them with any of you who are interested. Just send me an email at Several lawyers I coached created their own lifetime goals.

I will tell you in advance that my first lifetime goal was to weigh 175 pounds. At one point before I drafted the goals I weighed 150 and had more energy than anytime I can remember. To get to 150, I increased my calorie burning exercise and decreased my calorie intake so as to lose about one-two pounds a week. I don’t weigh 175 now…even though I know how to do it.

Why have I shared that tidbit with you? Just simply I want you to know that setting a goal, while the first step, becomes meaningless if you don’t take the required action to achieve the goal.

If you haven’t done it, take some quiet time and create your list of lifetime goals. If you want some feedback, share your list with me.