I continue to hear from lawyers sharing poetry they like. A reader recently sent me this poem.

Take Time

Take Time To Think – It Is The Source Of All Power
Take Time To Read – It Is The Foundation Of All Wisdom
Take Time To Play-It Is The Source Of Perpetual Youth
Take Time To Be Quiet-It Is The Opportunity To Seek God
Take Time To Be Aware-It Is The Opportunity To Help Others
Take Time To Love And Be Loved-It Is God’s Greatest Gift
Take Time To Laugh-It Is The Music Of The Soul
Take Time To Be Friendly-It Is The Road To Happiness
Take Time To Dream-It Is What The Future Is Made Of
Take Time To Pray-It Is The Greatest Power On Earth
Take Time To Give-It Is Too Short A Day To Be Selfish
Take Time To Work-It Is The Price Of Success
— Author Unknown

 Do you have a favorite poem? I would love to publish it on one of my Friday poetry posts.