In my last post I suggested that to get ready for 2021 you ask your self four questions.

In this blog I want to supplement my questions with the four Ps.

  1. Picture Your Ideal Life
  2. Prioritize
  3. Plan
  4. Perform

While I coached lawyers on each of these steps, it took listening to a podcast to remind me.

When I walk our dog Stella I usually listen to either a book or a podcast. Over the holidays I narrowed my library of podcasts by deleting many I had subscribed to on true crime. I wanted instead to easily assess the podcasts on writing fiction.

While walking Stella on a cold and dreary New Years Day I listened to the Red Sneakers Podcast hosted by New York Times best selling novelist, William Bernhardt. In the podcast, Bernhardt mentioned the Four Ps for success listed above. Unfortunately I couldn’t tell if Sarah Cannon or Sarra Cannon, both writers should get the attribution.

Picture Your Ideal Life: Remember my five questions blog? Answering those questions can give you some idea on the first P above.

Prioritize: I have written numerous blog post suggesting it is a myth to seek work-life balance. Instead I suggested focusing on your priorities. See for example: The Key to 2015: Schedule Your Priorities and Do the One Most Important Thing.

Plan: Have you created a plan for 2021? For January, 2021? For January 1-8, 2021, for January 5th? If you haven’t and you want to get started, take a look at Business/Career Planning: If You Are Still Stuck-Here’s Help and the links within the blog.

Perform: Plans are meaningless without performance. You must find ways to compel yourself to take the actions in your plans. Here is a blog I wrote with some thoughts on that subject: Your Key To Success: Turn Your Goals into Actions.