Years ago I heard a quote attributed to several college coaches, including Bear Bryant and Bobby Knight.

Many have the will to win, but few have the will to prepare to win.

I liked the quote so much that in 2007 I wrote a book titled: Prepare to Win.

So, what does it take to prepare to win? In my book I suggested it begins with some self examination. For some of you I’m sure that may seem touchy-feely. I understand. Early in my career if someone had asked me to do a self-examination it wouldn’t have gone well.

But, if you are open to it now, answer these questions for yourself.

  1. What is your career purpose?
  2. How does the work you do benefit your clients or your community?
  3. What is your life purpose?
  4. Are your career purpose and life purpose aligned? If not, what are your priorities?

To further understand your work purpose, think of it as the intersection of your talent, your passion and clients who need your help. Answer these questions:

  1. What is my greatest talent? (You’ve got to be able to become a or the “go to” lawyer in your niche practice.)
  2. What am I most passionate about? (If you don’t have the passion you won’t have the will to prepare to succeed.)
  3. Are their clients who need my talent, and if so who are those clients? (If no one needs what you are talented at doing and enjoy the most, you’ve got to move on.)

Next, focus on creating your vision of success.

  1. Where do I see myself in one, five, or ten years?
  2. What is my vision of success?
  3. Why is achieving this vision of success important to me.

I will leave it there for you to start. If you answer each of the questions in this blog post you will have made the first step in preparing to win.