A young lawyer recently shared this thought with me:

Most young lawyers are still fairly apathetic and are comfortable to just get by or let others “feed” them. The lawyers who are more aggressive and want to step up and be leaders tend to be fairly egotistical types who “already know it all” and aren’t very receptive to coaching.

Do either of these descriptions fit you? Do you believe most young lawyers are either “fairly apathetic,” or “already know it all?”
Will Rogers.png
Lawyers who never reach their potential fit into those categories. I have met, worked with and even coached many who are either too content, or have stopped learning. Think of any endeavor, those who excel are never content and always believe that, while they may know a lot, there is a lot more to be learned.

To those lawyers who think they know it all, I am reminded of this Will Rogers quote:

I was not a child prodigy, because a child prodigy is a child who knows as much when it is a child as it does when it grows up.