If you have been reading my recent posts, you know I am working out with a fitness trainer. I never look forward to going, but afterwards I feel invigorated. He kicks my behind for an hour twice a week and I’m getting back in better shape.

I should be able to work out without a fitness trainer. I know what to do. I have a place to do it. But, I need the trainer to kick me in the rear and push me to do more.

My fitness training reminds me of a lawyer I coached a few years ago.

Years ago, a lawyer I was coaching ¬†sent me an invitation to put in my calendar. No, it wasn’t an invitation for lunch or anything like that. When I put it in my calendar for Wednesday October 12, here is what came up on my screen:

Kick me in the rear if you haven’t heard from me!!

What did she need a kick in the rear to do?

We had an in person coaching session the week before, during which we went over how she was doing on the 90 Days Goals she had established the last time we had met in person.

The first goal she had set was to publish a blog once a week. She shared with me she was in a slump. I told her all of us get in slumps, but she is a potential superstar and superstars get out of slumps. Her invitation to me was her way to work out of the slump.

As you may know I wrote about a superstar lawyer working her way out of a slump in my book Rising Star: The Making of a Rainmaker. You can download it to your Kindle or iPad from Amazon or iTunes.

Gina, the main character, had a record year with a big case for one client. She worries about being a “one hit wonder.” I know many lawyers like Gina, who get into a slump and want to find a way to get out of it.

If you want to take it to the next level I urge you to read the book, or alternatively send me an email invitation to kick you in the rear.