If you have been reading my recent posts, you know I am working out with a fitness trainer. I never look forward to going, but afterwards I feel invigorated. He kicks my behind for an hour twice a week and I’m getting back in better shape.

I should be able to work out without a

I know many lawyers who want to become successful at client development. I know far fewer who actually do what it takes to become successful. How can you increase your chances of doing client development activities?

  1. Clarify what you want in your career
  2. Have a good answer to why what you want is important to

Have you created a plan for your non-billable time for the second half of 2012? If you haven’t, I want to share some ideas with you.

Each lawyer I coach is unique. Their practice, their opportunities, their challenges, their talents and their experiences are unique. So, it is challenging to come up with what makes