Do you want to be more successful with client development? If so, find a way to hold yourself accountable.

Here are some suggestions. One lawyer I coach created a scoring system for his 90 days goals.For example, he gave himself 2 points for each meeting with a client outside the office and gives himself 20 points for an article he got published.

Another lawyer I coached kept a handwritten journal of her activities by date. Each month she sent me her updated journal.

Several lawyers I coached reported monthly to their coaching group, their firm leadership and me.

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Rob and Suzanne, a husband and wife team I coached several years ago here in Dallas shared their weekly plan/report with me. Suzanne sent me this email explaining how it worked for her:

Cordell, really like the weekly list idea, it helps keep me on track! Just called my one client for the day and got a new case!

I can’t assure you that holding yourself accountable on a weekly basis will result in a new matter, but I can assure you it will increase your chances because you will be more purposeful and focused.

A couple of years ago, I asked a group of lawyers:

If you were me what would you do to help more lawyers become successful.?

The majority suggested I create an affordable Internet or group telephone coaching program. I have both programs available.

Many of you have participated in the group telephone coaching program. For those of you who have not, it costs $95 per month and we have monthly coaching and teaching sessions with usually 5 other lawyers.

In this blog, I shared with you the topics we cover each month and more details about the program: Client Development: Group Telephone Coaching.

As you also know, you can get coaching from me with the $95 Video Coaching Program. I shared details with you here: Client Development Coaching: New Opportunity to Work with Me and one lawyer’s experience in Client Development: Video Coaching Program Takeaways.

This is likely the last year these programs will be available. So, if you have given thought to becoming more accountable for your client development efforts, contact Joyce at