I originally posted this blog in January. Recently, several lawyers have asked about the monthly coaching program and that has prompted me to post it again.

Years ago, over a one year period, I went to each office in my old law firm and did workshops on client development. I believe I called them Client Development 101,102 and 103. At the end of the year I took note that not many lawyers had made any changes. I now  believe that very few lawyers actually retain very much from client development one-shot training, and even fewer actually make changes.

My belief is consistent with neuroscience research, which has documented that most people have the mental capacity to focus on only one new idea at a time and that it is important to allow moments of “insights.” One article worth reading is “Why Neuroscience Matters to Executives” by David Rock and Jeffrey Schwartz. They point out that during the moment of insight, the brain undergoes neural connections that enhance mental resources and overcome resistance to change.

If you are a regular reader, you know that for the last couple of years I have done monthly client development group telephone coaching. Some law firms have set up their own groups and many individuals have signed up on their own.

If your firm is interested in having your lawyers participate in one of the programs, here are some important things to consider:

Who is an Ideal Candidate for the Program: An ideal candidate is self-motivated, with a burning desire to learn, get better and build a book of business.

Ideal Number of Participants in Each Coaching Group: 5-6. I want each lawyer to fully participate.

Coaching Questions: I will send lawyers coaching questions to answer. The answers to these questions will help me get to know each lawyer.

Business Plan: Our first group session will cover how to prepare a business plan. Each participant will prepare a business plan for the year either using one of the templates I will provide, or any other format he/she thinks would work more effectively. Each 90 days each participant will provide Cordell with his or her 90 Day Action Plans. (I have examples of actions on my blog.)

Monthly Coaching: Each month, I spend half an hour coaching the 5-6 participants. I encourage each participant to email to me in advance what he/she has done the last 30 days. His/her planned activities for the next 30 days, and questions to brainstorm.rather than by email.

Monthly Teaching Topics: Each month I spend the second half hour going over a specific topic.

Month 1: How to Prepare Plan and Goals. To get some ideas check out my blog: Want an Example of a Really Good Business Plan?

Month 2: Client Development Now and in the Future. Principles of client development that will always be important and what is changing.

Month 3: Motivation, Time Management, Hold Yourself Accountable.

Month 4: How Business Clients Select Lawyers and Law Firms.

Month 5: Raising Your Credibility and Visibility.

Month 6: Writing and Speaking to Get Hired.

Month 7: Blogging: What and How to Write a Blog for Clients. Check out my iBook on Blogging and Social Media. You can get it on iTunes also.

Month 8: Relationship Building.

Month 9: Social Media

Month 10: Client Service. Check out my iBook on Client Service. Also available on iTunes.

Month 11: Expanding Relationships with Existing Clients and Cross-Selling.

Month 12: What Sets Rainmakers Apart or What Separates Superstars from Stars.

Suggested Reading: I will provide interested participants with suggested reading on specific topics that interest them. There are groups of lawyers who read books and every two weeks share what their “take-a-ways” are from 1-2 chapters. I can share examples of reports.

Time Commitment:  Each month the group coaching session lasts an hour. Generally, some reading material will be sent in advance. Reading those materials takes no more than 20 minutes.l

Cost: The cost is only $95 each month for 12 months.

How to Sign Up or Learn More: If you would like to sign up, or learn more, contact Joyce at jflo@cordellparvin.com