I want to lose weight. I’ve done it before, but I wanted help this time. So, I’ve signed up for Noom. It is a psychology based approach.

I started listening to the audio and thought I was listening to my coaching ideas for lawyers.

The first step for Noom is having a big picture in mind made up of three parts.

  1. Your Super Goal-Understanding and breaking down to small manageable goals
  2. Your Ultimate “Why” to find your motivation
  3. How your life will be different

If I coached you does that sound familiar? I posted what is below a couple of years ago.

I recently read Seth Godin’s blog: People Don’t Change. It is only a few lines and it applies to several lawyers I have known and some I have coached.

As Godin says the hard part is not changing. It’s wanting to change.

I have written that the only way you will make a change is to have a big enough answer to the “why” question. Why is making the change important to you.

When I was a young lawyer with senior lawyers feeding me work, I wanted to change and develop my own clients.

When I asked myself why that was important to me, I thought of making more money, providing more security for my family, not being beholding to a senior lawyer, the joy of knowing the clients hired me, and the independence I would feel from having my own clients.

I kept asking why each answer was important to me until I ran out of questions to ask. Those answers to the “why” question were enough to keep me motivated when I wasn’t succeeding.