Have you ever asked yourself or your clients why they hired you rather than the many other good lawyers they could have chosen?

I had not given it too much thought until a lawyer I coached asked me.

What are the top 2 reasons you think that clients sought you out and retained you .

Do you work out?

You know it is important to exercise and be physically fit. Have you ever had a fitness trainer assist you? If you have I am willing to bet you did more than when you did not have a fitness trainer. Why? You were encouraged, you strived to meet your trainer’s expectations

As I concluded a program on planning for New York associates a few years ago I asked for questions. One lawyer asked:

How do you define success?

I thought the question was outstanding. I told her I could not define success for her. She, and only she, can define what success means to her and

Earlier this year a law firm marketing director asked me:
Cordell, what should be included in our client development training program?
Almost 10 years ago, I wrote a Practical Lawyer article Unlocking The Secrets To Developing Your Future Rainmakers. It has some ideas for the marketing directors.
I practiced law and learned about client