Do you work out?

You know it is important to exercise and be physically fit. Have you ever had a fitness trainer assist you? If you have I am willing to bet you did more than when you did not have a fitness trainer. Why? You were encouraged, you strived to meet your trainer’s expectations and you were more accountable.

If you work out and had a fitness trainer, you have already know why you should consider having a coach for client development. As a senior associate or junior partner, you know it is important to develop a book of business, but you have not likely made client development part of your hard wiring and a habit.

To successfully develop a book of business you have to change your routine and get outside of your comfort zone.

As you know I set up a coaching program at my old firm and enjoyed my experience so much that I started a second career. During the 12 years, I coached lawyers full-time I learned how a firm can effectively provide coaching for its lawyers.

I wrote an e-Book about it you can download here.

Over my 12 years coaching, I worked with many lawyers just like you. Some rationalized why they were not actively doing what was needed. The most common excuse I heard was:

I have been so busy with billable work that I have not been able to…

When I practiced law, I actually made a greater effort on client development when I was busy because I wanted to plant the seeds for the future.

Have you ever used the  “I’m too busy” excuse? Why is this rationalization so frequently used?

After years working with lawyers, I believe being busy with billable work is something that is familiar to you and your colleagues, and thus more comfortable and less risky than doing client development activities.

If you want to become successful at client development, you must find ways to get through the challenges of making changes until client development becomes part of your hardwiring, just like driving a car.

You also need encouragement, someone to push you and hold you accountable. I believe that is where a coach can help. Having a coach is like having a fitness trainer. He or she will make it more likely that you will do the activities necessary to achieve your goals.

Over the years I coached several lawyers came back to me later for coaching. Why? They wanted someone to push them and hold them accountable.