I will be in Denver this week working with lawyers in that office of a national law firm. I am very tempted to ask:

Did you work out this morning?

Maybe I should ask the same question the first Monday in March just to see if you are sticking to it.

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Each year the statistics are about the same: Just 8% of People Achieve Their New Year’s Resolutions. Here’s How They Do It.

Before you click, how do you think the 8% do it?

On December 30, I received an email from one of the most enthused lawyers I have coached. Here’s what she wrote:

I worked on my goals for all the important parts to my life in 2016. I really appreciate how you got me in the habit of making big goals and then breaking them down into more realistic steps to accomplish. I still e-mail with L and S so that we can hold each other accountable for the short-term goals. Thanks for making an impact on our careers.

This email gives you good ideas on sticking to your goals (New Years Resolutions). Break down big things into the smallest possible pieces. Then find a colleague or friend and hold each other accountable.

I’ve seen it work so many times. Give it a try.