This has been a busy week. I have been in Houston and I left yesterday for Chicago on a 5:50 flight and came home in time for dinner. I have found a few blog posts I think will interest you. Click on the titles below to read them.

Do you have a social media content plan? I like this because the blogger points out that social media is not a silver bullet and if you are planning to use it for marketing, it is important to actually have a plan.

Why passion, alone, won’t make you successful, with apologies to Chris and Gary I believe passion is extremely important to success. Many of the young lawyers I coach are passionate about their niche practice. Others are passionate about their charitable work. The blogger points out that others including me cannot give you passion. You have to find it yourself.

On self determination I like Seth Godin’s posts because he makes me think and ask myself how his main point applies to law practice and lawyers.In this post he talks about the strategy of just getting good grades versus the strategy of striving to learn. I think a key to success for lawyers is to take responsibility for your success and career.

Build Your Brand So People Will Refer You Here’s betting you did not know this is "Referral Week." John Jantsch at Duct Tape Marketing has many great ideas about getting and giving referrals. Dan Schwabel, his guest blogger on this post has written some great materials on how to brand yourself. I find most of what Dan writes applies to you branding yourself as a lawyer.

Price Points Chris Brogan is a guy who has captured his own market. I like his material and I think most of it applies to lawyers. In this post he writes about how he decides what to charge. My main point in recommending this is to say if you are doing routine work, someone else will do it cheaper. Find some area where you can become the "go to" lawyer who is near the top of every client’s list when they look for a lawyer in your field.

Have a great weekend. I hope you will find something helpful in my recommended reading this week.