If you are a regular reader, you know that at the end of last year I mentioned I planned to retire. Afterward, Larry Scott, a former partner of mine suggested I consider becoming a recruiter.

At first, I was skeptical, but I received many encouraging messages from law firm leaders and lawyers I have coached. So, in January I met with my former partner and the Managing Member of the recruiting firm.

One lawyer wrote:

You see, I don’t see your role as a recruiter as being the guy out there hustling to make the sale at all costs regardless of whether the move would really be good for the attorney, the attorney’s family, or the target firm. I see you as the guy you have always been, the trusted advisor, the one who takes the time to get to know the firm that is hiring, the candidate, the candidate’s family, lifestyle, goals and then, if the move would be a good move for them holistically, telling them so, but if it wouldn’t, also telling them so. You may not make as many “sales” that way, but the sales you do make, will add value to the firms, the candidates, and the people’s lives — as you’ve always done in your other work. So really, you’re still coaching, you’re just coaching with an option for movement if it is justified and, in such cases, you make some money along the way.

Fast forward. I’ve decided to join Lateral Link, a Division of Mainspring Legal. I hope if you ever need help, you will consider contacting me.