Months ago I found a website: 100 of the Most Inspiring Business Videos on YouTube. I sent the list to a group of lawyers I coach and asked them to find one of the 100 and share their thoughts on what their takeaways were from the video.

Leila Rafi, a McCarthy Tétrault Toronto partner, who has written guest posts here before, (Want to be More Focused about Your Contacts?  and Don’t just say: “Thank you”) was the first to respond.Here is what Leila shared with the group:

Thanks Cordell. What a neat list. I watched number 42, which was about 2 minutes, and worth so much more as it was full of quotes to inspire, including the following:

  1. The road has many twists and turns. This is something that was tough for me to learn as I like to plan things and feel security when everything is linear. Unfortunately, life is not like that. School didn’t prepare me for some of twists and turns I have experienced in my legal career. Managing around those unexpected events has taught me a great amount about myself and why surprises or forks in the road aren’t necessarily bad things as they push you to do better, build your armour and can make you strive for higher success. This concept was also discussed as deliberate and emergent strategies in the book that Cordell recommended I read, “How Will You Measure Your Life” by Clay Christensen.
  2. Sometimes the pace is slow but that doesn’t mean one should give up – this one resonated with me as it is especially true when working one’s way up in a big law firm (which can take years).
  3.  Get rest when one needs it – sometimes after some sleep, shutting down the bb for a few hours or just breathing slowly and deeply with your eyes closed for a few minutes makes insurmountable things seem less daunting.
  4. One may be near the goal when it seems very far away – I have seen many friends burn out or give up after years of hard work at a big law firm which is disappointing as many are on the cusp of the next stage of their career at the firm.
  5. When things are at their worst, one must not quit. This is a good one to remember as we have all been there. At times in the past my mother has put a lot of pressure on me to decrease my work hours when they were at their worst – at the time I didn’t understand why she would do that as I had enough to deal with at that moment. What I didn’t realize then, and I do now, is what she was trying to get me to focus on was exactly what I needed – perspective and getting my life into order – keeping it healthy, manageable and prosperous. It also was meant to help me avoid making rash decisions I would regret because of lack of sleep.

I want to hear from you. If you are interested, pick a video clip and share your thoughts with me and I will publish them as a guest post.